The Personalized of Packaging & Printing

June 21, 2019

Latest company news about The Personalized of Packaging & Printing

The Personalized of Packaging & Printing


Tom Egan, vice President of the north American packaging technology association (PMMI), wrote that Beverage packaging design should impress, inspire and resonate with consumers at a deeper level.


Thirst may be the number one reason consumers buy drinks, he wrote, but it may be the packaging that determines the deal at the time of purchase. To capture customers, a growing number of beverage manufacturers are looking to use packaging that has a certain personal resonance.


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A Nostalgic Label


Consumers will continue to choose drinks that are familiar to them, or that touch on nostalgia.

The Coca-Cola Company's "Share Coca-Cola" campaign created a way to attract consumers by calling them directly on the packaging text.


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Coca-Cola has been firmly established in the carbonated beverage industry for a long time, and this campaign has enhanced customer loyalty and created a sensation around the brand.


Even for such a big brand, creating such a diverse label is no small feat. Increasingly sophisticated printing techniques contributed to the success of the campaign.


According to Label & Narrow Web, in order to print different labels that restrict 250 different names, Coca-Cola found a label and packaging converter company to adjust the printer equipped with HP Indigo digital printing technology to complete the work. The mature application of this technology makes it possible to produce all kinds of name labels in small batches and keep the printing level of high quality.


According to the Packaging & Print Media magazine, Coca-Cola has stepped up its international cooperation with converter companies and printer companies, creating thousands of names in many languages. In order to achieve the same "coke red" brightness rendering on different types of printers, careful color matching is essential in the early stage of printing.


Packaging Should Pay Attention To Health And Ecological Protection


Personalization is not the only key to sales.


For consumers who are keen on healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle, products with stronger environment-friendly performance are quite attractive. As a result, to better meet consumer demand, a growing number of beverage manufacturers are using smaller sizes and fewer calories in recyclable cans or bottles.

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In this era of clean labeling, consumers pay more attention to health, so they are more inclined to look for natural, non-additive beverages. In order to meet consumers' natural and health needs, manufacturers and processors need to make more improvements. More organic or natural non-homogeneous drinks such as fruit juice are prone to stratification and precipitation when they are on the shelf for a period of time. In order to avoid customers' disgust, on the one hand, brands tighten packaging to hide the contents of bottles. On the other hand, manufacturers have to make some improvements to the production line, adding mixing equipment or adjusting filling equipment to handle more natural beverages with different properties.


Beverage manufacturers can use environmentally friendly materials to produce green products, such as vegetable oil-based ink or water-based ink. This ink has the advantages of rapid drying, improved printing quality and minimizing the release of volatile organic compounds.


Innovation is the only way for enterprises to break through and further develop themselves. Equipment manufacturers are also constantly improving to make the most appropriate equipment to meet the requirements of the product side. Equipment manufacturers should also keep pace with the times to produce the most suitable equipment to meet the requirements of the product side.