How to maintain the filling machine in high temperature in summer

June 16, 2014

How to maintain the filling machine in high temperature in summer



The general reason of filling machine fault is the spare part is abraded. So reduce the attrition between the parts can reduce the fault rate. At prime, the filling must be experienced in a run-in period. At this moment, every part is new, so however good the processing is, it can not do the perfect lubrication, and this period is called run-in period. After being experienced in a small attrition, the machine will enter a stable attrition period. During this stable attrition period, if each part can not be lubricated totally, abnormal attrition will be occurred. And after a long time, the lift of part will be reduced largely, then the machine will have many possible hidden danger. When we use the filling machine, we must operate it according to the introduction strictly, and maintain the machine regularly. The filling machine should work in a clean, healthy and dry condition, and every part should be fastening, lubricated and antiseptic. Maintain the machine in a regular time to reduce the speed of part attrition, and to reduce the machine fault, and to prolong the machine lift.     


Maintenance in Summer.

1. Every shift should check the working part and the lubrication situation, and keep 20# lubrication oil or grease, or it will affect the using lift of machine.

2.Ever shift should check the machine regularly. Clean the foreign body on the end face of Horizontal heat sealing copper. No encrustment, or it will make the temperature of copper high, and the horizontal heat sealing a thermal cut the bag will be abnormal.

3.When stop working, the rest liquid in pipe should be washing away, or the rest liquid will affect the product quality of next shift. If necessary, operator should dismantle the plastic pipe to wash it with brush, and clean the machine in time, and keep the machine dry and clean.

4.Clean the dust in the electric control cabinet to prevent the fault. New machine should the check the fastening of transmission parts and maintain them with oil.

5.After stop working , operator must clean the measuring part. When any abnormal phenomenon are found, operator should cut the power and rework until remove all the faults.