Food and beverage industry CIP cleaning knowledge summary!

May 10, 2019

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Food and beverage industry CIP cleaning knowledge summary!


Seven basic selection principles for detergents


(1) High-efficiency cleaning with broad spectrum;


(2) The use of household detergents is not recommended because of its unclear composition, quality, and microorganisms;


(3) selecting a detergent having a simple composition and a determined component content;


(4) easy to check;


(5) Good stability, low toxicity and safe use;


(6) compatibility with equipment or environmental materials;


(7) The cost is lower.


Alkaline washing is usually formulated at a concentration of 1% to 2%, while acidic washing uses a mild, low concentration acid solution.


Cleaning pressure


  Under normal circumstances, low pressure (less than 0.5 MPa) spray can meet the cleaning requirements. Because cleaning is mainly achieved by wetting, advection, and soaking of the cleaning agent, rather than by mechanical impact.


Cleaning ball settings


  The function of the cleaning ball is to spray the washing liquid and the rinsing liquid to all parts of the device, and the liquid film collected by the sprayed washing liquid and the falling washing liquid soaks the entire surface and generates a chemical cleaning effect. The cleaning ball should be installed in a reasonable position to prevent process fluid from entering the interior of the cleaning ball to block the orifice. The effective coverage area of the general cleaning ball is the cross-sectional area of each cleaning ball 1~1.5 m2 . Typical cleaning ball specifications are per flow 3~5 m3/h, Pressure difference ΔP is 0.17 MPa.


Pipe connection


  The ideal state of pipe connection is to use all welding. Pipe installation should be made as large as possible (minimum 1%, usually 2% better), which can promote the self-discharge of the liquid in the pipe, and prevent the formation of bubbles to prevent the fluid from contacting the surface to be cleaned.


The CIP cleaning effect must meet the following criteria:


No. Item Standard
1 Odor Fresh, no odor, allowing a slight odor for special treatments or special stages without affecting the safety and quality of the final product.
2 Vision The cleaning surface is bright, no water, no film, no dirt or other; when the water flows from the surface, the traces of water have too many flaws
3 Health When touching the surface with your fingers, there is no greasy and rough feeling; the surface is repeatedly wiped with a brand new white paper towel, with or without stains and discoloration.
4 Production Capacity After CIP processing, the production processing capacity of the equipment has changed significantly.
5 Microorganism The microbiological indicators of the health indicators meet the relevant requirements; they cannot cause the improvement of other health indicators of the products.