Classification of Filling Machine

June 16, 2014

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Classification of Filling Machine


Filling machine is a small category of packing machine. According to the angle of material packing, filling  machine can be classified as liquid filling, pasty fluid filling machine, powder filling machine and granule filling machine; According to the angle of automation degree of production, filling machine can be classified as semi automatic filling production line and full automatic filling production line. In recent years, with the QS certificate of food, edible oil manufacturer has paid more attention to the product quality and package. So oil filling machine has occupied an important status among all kinds of filling machines. Next it will have a brief introduction to the range of filling machine application. 



Liquid Filling Machine


Filling machine is main applied to lotion , care solution, oral liquid, disinfectant, collyrium, nutrient solution, wine, injection solution, pesticide, medicine, perfume, edible oil, lubrication oil and other liquid filling machine for special industry.     



Oil Filling Machine


Oil filling machine can be used to any kinds of oil, such as edible oil, lubrication oil, peanut oil, bean oil and so on. This model of filling machine is specially developed to oil filling. It can realize flexible configuration of manual operation and automatic operation.  



Pasty Fluid Filling Machine


Pasty fluid filling machine applies to all kinds of viscosity products from liquid to pasty fluid. It is the ideal filling machine for daily use chemical, medicine, food and farm chemical industry. 



Sauce Filling Machine


Sauce filling machine applies to condiment which has granule and large concentration such as chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, fruit jam, butter hot pot bed charge, red camphor oil hotpot condiment and so on. It can be classified as full automatic filling machine and semi automatic filling machine according to the operation flow.    



Granule Filling Machine


Granule filling machine applies to medicine, daily use chemical, food, farm chemical and other special industry. It is an ideal granule and pasty filling. This machine is semi automatic piston filling machine for granule and pasty material.



Powder Filling Machine.


Powder filling machine applies to powder material rated filling for chemical, food, and agricultural and sideline products. For example farm chemical, veterinary drug, disinfector, detergent, food, seeds, milk powder, spices, monosodium glutamate, salt, white sugar, additives and other similar products.